Conferences & Talks


  • European Migrants in the UK in the Brexit Era: Discursive Approaches Symposium: “Migrantisation and exceptionalism narratives of UK-EU couples” (N. Hoellerer, K. Charsley), University of Liverpool

  • Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference (J. El-Shewy), University of Portsmouth

  • Routes Network Workshop: ‘Exploiting mobility: governments, law and the instrumentalisation of movement’: “Instrumentalising love: Marriage migration requirements as a regime of (im)mobility in the UK” (N. Hoellerer, K. Charsley, J. El-Shewy), University of Exeter


  • Conference: ‘Strange(r) Families: Political contestation over family and nation in migration regimes’: “Invisible Families: Who counts in the European Court of Human Rights migration jurisprudence?’ (H.Wray), University of Amsterdam

  • ‘Deportability and the family’ Seminar, Migration Institute of Finland (Turku): “Kept Apart: temporality, migrantisation and family separation in the UK family immigration system” (K. Charsley)

  • 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference: “UK-EU couples after Brexit: Migrantization and the UK family immigration regime” (N. Hoellerer), University of Warsaw

  • British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2023: “Kept Apart: couples separated by the UK family immigration regime” (K. Charsley), University of Manchester