January 2024: Katharine Charsley & Helena Wray have submitted a briefing on the increase of the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) for partner migration for the Home Affairs Select Committee (28 January 2024). You can read the briefing here.


December 2023: We have published our first newsletter, summarising our work in 2023, and sharing news. See the newsletter here, and subscribe to our newsletters here.

December 2023: Katharine Charsley & Helena Wray published the piece ‘Just the rich can do it: Our research shows how immigration income requirements devastate families’ in The Conversation on the recent UK government announcement to more than double the Minimum Income Requirement for family (spouse/partner) visas. Read the article here.

November 2023: Helena Wray gave a talk ‘Invisible Families: Who counts in the European Court of Human Rights migration jurisprudence?’ (panel: State definitions of the good family, moderated by Betty de Hart) at the conference ‘Strange(r) Families: Political contestation over family and nation in migration regimes’ at the University of Amsterdam.

November 2023: Helena Wray participated in the ‘Who do we think we are?’ podcast series hosted by MigZen, talking about ‘Families at the border‘ and historical development of family migration laws. Listen here.

November 2023: Katharine Charsley gave a talk ‘Kept Apart: temporality, migrantisation and family separation in the UK family immigration system’ at the ‘Deportability and the family’ seminar by the Migration Institute of Finland (Turku).

September 2023: The Brexit Couples Project Team published their first policy brief ‘UK-EU Couples after Brexit‘.

July 2023: Nicole Hoellerer presented on ‘UK-EU couples after Brexit: Migrantisation and the UK family immigration regime’ at the 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference 2023, University of Warsaw (hybrid – presentation online)

May 2023: Helena Wray wrote a blog titled ‘Love After Brexit: UK-EU Couples and the British Immigration System‘ for UK in a changing Europe, highlighting how the UK’s family migration policies will impact a new group – EU citizens without settled or pre-settled status in relationships with British citizens and residents.

April 2023: Katharine Charsley gave a plenary in the Families and Relationships Stream of the British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2023The title of the plenary was ‘Kept Apart: couples separated by the UK family immigration regime’. Drawing on earlier research, the plenary also introduced the Brexit Couples project.

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