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Katharine Charsley & Helena Wray (19 March 2024) ‘Instead of separating thousands more families – rethink UK family migration policies‘. Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB) Blog. Available HERE.

The UK’s family migration policies are among the most restrictive in the world – a UK House of Lords Committee found they ‘fail both families and society’. In this blog, Katharine and Helena explore the devastating effects of the proposed increase of the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) which were laid before parliament in March 2024.


Katharine Charsley & Helena Wray (5 December 2023) ‘Just the rich can do it: Our research shows how immigration income requirements devastate families’. The Conversation. Available HERE.

On 4 December 2023, the UK government announced their intention to more than double the Minimum Income Requirement for family (spouse/partner) visas. In this piece in The Conversation, Katharine and Helena explain why this would be devastating for families.

Helena Wray (11 May 2023) ‘Love after Brexit: UK-EU couples and the British immigration system’. UK in a Changing Europe. Available HERE.

Helena highlights the issues with the UK’s family migration policies in light of a new House of Lords report, looking at how the system will now impact a new group – EU citizens without settled or pre-settled status in relationships with British citizens and residents.


Helena Wray (16 November 2023) ‘Families at the borders’. MigZen podcast series ‘Who do we think we are?’ (S3 E7). Listen HERE.

Helena explains the historical development of family migration laws and what these make visible about the racialization of the nation and its political community.